Thursday 23 March 2017

Joëlle participated in the 2017 Spectrum Indian Wells contemporary art show which took place from March 16th to 19th. Eleven of her most recent works were showcased at the Renaissance Resort, located in the heart of the Coachella Valley.

During this weekend filled with rewarding encounters, she had the opportunity to interact with other international artists as well as with several industry professionals. Despite the diversity of genres, Joëlle managed to stand out with her "Urban Cubism" style which is known to be modern and colorful. "It was great to be able to meet people passionate about art and my paintings and to be able to know the preferences of each one. I grasp just how happy I am to be able to do my job and live in a place as inspiring as this one". The weekend filled with learning and accomplishments will certainly give a boost of energy to Joëlle who's already back to her pallet knives in her SoCal desert Studio.

"Thank you so much to all my collectors and stay tuned,

New projects are underway!"