The energy that a bustling city or urban environment releases is undeniable. I have always enjoyed observing the nature of urbanity. Taking a moment to analyze the style of architecture, the way the light reflects on the different materials, the textures, the surroundings and how people interact have always intrigued me. Every country, state, province, city, town, village and neighborhood has its own identity and this is primarily what I try to capture. Generally, a few sketches and key words accompany a series of photographs.

My work relates to modern culture where globalization, communications and new technologies play a predominant role in everyday life. In pursuit of power, the human race takes over urban environments in a hierarchical manner while a unique identity emerges from this continuously.

In this sense, I believe that designating urban landscape as the subject of my research comes from the desire to observe, analyze and interpret this world I am so fascinated by. In order to be inspired, I travel and fully immerse myself into elements most likely to influence my creations. Working with oil paint, I sculpt my work using only a palette knife, considering the effects light will have on the urban textures combined with the transparency of the colors that I superimpose. “URBAN CUBISM” takes on its full meaning in the evolution of my creations with my signature style of cubic texturing. Leaving room for the imagination, imperfection and abstraction are present in my work to show that aesthetic beauty can emerge from a simple environment. At times chaotic, serene or mysterious, each of my works should be viewed differently. The moment my painting catches your eye, a new journey has begun and beauty shall prevail.